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International trading is increasing at worldwide level and since it is worldwide so it is quite obvious that there is a problem of the conversion of the currency of one country to that of another. To complete these kinds of tasks, global forex i.e. global forex market works globally. The main purpose of the global forex is that it supports the international trade very easily just by letting the different businesses to convert one form of currency into another form of currency. We can simply state that, global forex works to determine the relative values of different form of currencies. For example, global forex permits a businessman of U.S. to import British goods, at the same time making the payment in the form of Pound sterling; and still the income of the business is in U.S. dollars. In global forex, the global exchange also assists speculation and facilitates the carry trade where investors can borrow the low yielding currencies and they can invest in the high yielding currencies, which can also result in the decrease in the competitiveness in some countries, which can prove to be very useful and also helpful to those countries.

So, global forex trade assists international trade which not only helps in business but also helps in the development of this world. The global forex uses the global forex trading which is unique because of many features like geographical dispersion. Forex global trading performs continuous operation i.e. it works for 24 hours on all the weekdays except Sunday. In addition to these advantages, global forex consists of huge trading volume, which results in high liquidity, which in turn is very useful too and makes global forex trader different from other markets in many respects. As such it has been already referred to as a market where the perfect competition ideal is closest, notwithstanding market. In the global forex, most of the trades on the global forex market are because of the traders speculating on the price movements. It is right that in global forex, the value of good instincts and skills of specularity are not of much value to the trader but, there are also other indicators i.e. scientific indicators which are used by the traders to take the decision whether to sell or buy a certain currency. In the market of global forex, in the last two decades, Technical analysis has become very popular and it can be used very effectively and easily by the traders as it consists of the use of support and resistance level, charts, pattern identification and trend lines to research in the market of global forex. Traders take advantage of this opportunity and use these factors which are very much technical to identify the buying and selling opportunities.

If we talk about the future, the opportunities for the traders are going to increase in the coming future in the field of global forex. Then the global forex in the coming future will be known as global futures forex. So, taking it from the start, the foreign exchange market also called forex, when taken globally, is known as global forex i.e. if we view the aspects of forex globally, then it will be global view forex.

So we saw that, global forex is the acronym of global foreign exchange and is, without any second thoughts, is the largest market in the world where more than over 1 trillion in currencies which are traded daily. Global forex is established such that it provides income to traders all over the world and not only it stops at traders but it also provides income to some of the many largest banks worldwide. In global forex, the currencies are valued in terms of other currencies. In global forex the traders generate profit by speculating that which currency will rise and which will fall in the coming future. So, in global forex, the value of the currency of a country reflects the economic status of that country with respect to the other major economies of the world. Historically speaking, the global forex is so good that it has been nominated by the inter-world investment, money brokers, money portfolio managers, commercial banks, many large corporations and by few private traders too. Now, with the advancement in the internet technology this trend has changed totally but still we can see that global forex has maintained its roots in this market till today and it will continue to stand and work for the development of the world. Global forex is the market where trading is carried out at worldwide level and global forex is the only market which is much better than the other markets like it. It is clear by the list of the different traders which have nominated global forex, as we have discussed earlier. So in the end we conclude that global forex is the best market for the traders for making profit with the currencies and there is no other market like global forex from where traders can earn so much profit, as they use to earn in global forex.
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